1575 Main St., Sweet Home, Oregon 97386

(541) 367-6186



Welcome to Sweet Home Oregon; a small yet progressive community tucked into the foothills of the Oregon Cascade Mountain range. Known for its beauty and scenic recreational opportunities, it is truly Oregon at its Best!

Founded on industry, our community blends itself ecologically with our most important heritage; nature.  Sweet Home offers forward thinking educational and industrial opportunities.  We pride ourselves on continuous improvements to the community through investment in water and sewer upgrades; a new community center, police station and high school. More than $52 million worth of projects have been completed by the city and Sweet Home School District in the last 15 years, reflecting an outstanding commitment to the future.

Natural and recreational opportunities greet visitors on the very edge of town where more than 60 miles of lakes entice them to explore and experience Foster and Green Peter Reservoirs.  Lining the shore are miles of trails, a marina, parks and camping sites.  Whether you enjoy fishing, skiing, wakeboarding or sailing the opportunities to satisfy the open water enthusiast are endless!

If you’re a country music fan attending the Oregon Jamboree, visiting family and friends, enjoying one of the many recreational opportunities or planning to live here, you will be embraced by locals with a willingness to share the bountiful hidden treasures found throughout the area.  Sweet Home prides itself on quality medical care, education opportunities, cultural activities, outdoor recreation, and a progressive business community.  These priorities make Sweet Home a highly diversified community with a small town feel.

Spending time in this breathtaking setting enhances the spirit and enriches the soul.  If communing with nature is what you desire, we invite you to visit.  Even if it’s the first time here; many agree it feels like coming home!

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